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His works reflect pedagogical sketchbook paul klee pdf dry humor and his sometimes childlike perspective, his personal moods and beliefs, and his musicality. Klee was able to develop his music skills as his parents encouraged and inspired him until his death. He was so talented on violin that, aged 11, he received an invitation to play as an extraordinary member of the Bern Music Association.

He stated, “I didn’t find the idea of going in for music creatively particularly attractive in view of the decline in the history of musical achievement. At sixteen, Klee’s landscape drawings already show considerable skill. Around 1897, Klee started his diary, which he kept until 1918, and which has provided scholars with valuable insight into his life and thinking. He excelled at drawing but seemed to lack any natural color sense.

He later recalled, “During the third winter I even realized that I probably would never learn to paint. During these times of youthful adventure, Klee spent much time in pubs and had affairs with lower class women and artists’ models. He had an illegitimate son in 1900 who died several weeks after birth. They stayed in Rome, Florence, and Naples, and studied the master painters of past centuries. He responded to the colors of Italy, but sadly noted, “that a long struggle lies in store for me in this field of color. For Klee, color represented the optimism and nobility in art, and a hope for relief from the pessimistic nature he expressed in his black-and-white grotesques and satires.