Phones that can read pdf files

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David Walsh Blog RSS 1. David Walsh Blog RSS 0. I was successful in the task, so let me show you how to read PDF and DOC files using PHP. O’Reilly Fluent Conference – San Jose – Discount and Giveaway! Get real answers from real experts—in real time. Learn how to design and implement a resilient, highly available, fault-tolerant infrastructure on AWS. One of my customers has an insane amount of PDF and Microsoft Word DOC files on their website.

PDF files and DOC files so that their clients could get at the documents they needed without going through a bunch of summary pages to get them. Like the PDF example above, you’ll need to download another package. There are other libraries that will preserve formatting but in our case, we just want to get at the text. I showed you how CSS can bridge the gap between design and development by adding rounded corners to elements.

CSS gradients are another step in that direction. Query offers a quick event shortcut method called hover that accepts two functions that represent mouseover and mouseout actions. I wonder if there is any solution that doesn’t need extra software, i. Simon Sigurdhsson: I don’t know of a pure-PHP way of doing this. IIS, you can use the COM library. Other than that, these methods are the only I know of.