Remove pdf protection on mac

Adding password to PDF files makes it secure and prevents any unauthorized access. Many organizations like national banks send the monthly statements in the form of password protected PDF files to your registered email account. If you want to save them for later reading, you need to enter the password every time you re-open the locked PDF file. It is better you disable the password lock from remove pdf protection on mac PDF file before saving and avoid putting the password again-and-again.

To make things easier for you, we’ll use three convenient ways to remove password from PDF files. The first trick works in all operation systems which is more convenient. The second one is to use a third party tool which allows you removing any password from a PDF document. The third one is the official way to disable password protection in a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

In both tricks, we assume that you know the the encryption key for the file. There is no easy way to Remove Password from a PDF file if you don’t know it. Combining those two features we can easily remove any password from the PDF documents. Here is how to do it.