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I’m in the odd situation of having to use a bunch of content for a website which is in PDF form, but was scanned decades ago. My goal is to upscale as much as possible for modern computers without losing too much quality. I have the Windows CS6 Master Suite, and thus Acrobat X Pro. OCR data with the upscaled pages?

I never used Acrobat for much of anything besides file conversion so am not familiar with it’s capabilities. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading this, and for any help you may have to offer. Эти материалы помечены как “окончательные”. Re: How To Resize Entire PDF In Acrobat X?

You would need Acrobat Pro DC to have this functionality built-in. If you convert your file to images you would lose almost all of the good things about a PDF: Selectable and resizable vector text, metadata, form fields, comments, bookmarks, font information, etc. Thanks for the quick reply! I think it is already images, just with OCR stuff somehow “behind” it. Often, when highlighting text to copy, the highlight is not quite perfectly aligned and it’s as if there is “hidden” text on the image page somehow.

I say that because printing imperfections show, smudges and marks too. But text can be copied. But I only get strange jobs. And since I like fractals, I guess that makes me a Strange Attractor! Thanks again for the advice. I’ll try all the options and go with what gives the best results.

The scaling to these sizes preserves the original proportions of the pages, so it adds white space around them instead of distorting them. I have a 200-page PDF file, most of whose pages are 4. 0″ h, with the rest being of varying, slightly smaller sizes. Does the above statement mean that your plug-in can increase the surrounding white space of a page to yield a consistent 4. This may be a subject appropriate for a separate message thread, but in the meantime I also need to change the font color of the text in most of these 200 pages, from a dark grey to black.

Can Acrobat Pro XI do this? Can your page-size plug-in do it? In experimenting with changing the font color in a fully-justified three-column text document, in Acrobat Pro XI, I am having disappointing results. 60 is a steep price to pay for a one-trick plug-in.

Is there something I am missing here? If the original ratio of the page is not the same ratio as the target page size then white space will be added to make them the same. If the page already has the same size as the target page it won’t get affected by the tool. Regarding the font color: You would need Acrobat Pro DC to do that, I think, and even then it’s very tricky, as you’ve seen.

At any rate, my tool can’t do anything about that. If you wish to discuss it further, including running it on a sample file, please contact me privately. Thanks for the additional information, Gilad. As you request, I will contact you back-channel for further discussion of your PDF page-resizing plug-in, but in the meantime I still need more clarity about Acrobat Pro’s capability, relative to the original message thread.