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Meighen’s robert cooper winning at new products pdf government in 1926, which lasted just a month. He was the first prime minister to represent a constituency in Alberta. This about-face prompted a split within Conservative ranks, and was regarded by the general public as evidence of incompetence. Mackenzie King returning for a third term.

Bennett remained leader of the Conservative Party until 1938, when he retired to England. Bennett’s family was poor, subsisting mainly on the produce of a small farm. His early days inculcated a lifelong habit of thrift. The driving force in his family was his mother.

Bennett’s father does not appear to have been a good provider for his family, though the reason is unclear. The Bennetts had previously been a relatively prosperous family, operating a shipyard in Hopewell Cape, but the change to steam-powered vessels in the mid-19th century meant the gradual winding down of their business. However, the household was a literate one, subscribing to three newspapers. Educated in the local school, Bennett was a good student, but something of a loner. The agnostic Aitken liked to tease the Methodist Bennett, whose fiery temper contrasted with Aitken’s ability to turn away wrath with a joke. Tweedie on weekends and during summer holidays.