Sas self defence handbook pdf

Further documentation is available here. Many sub-assemblies are interchangeable between the two types, while components of those sub-assemblies may not be compatible. Notable incompatibilities sas self defence handbook pdf the magazines and the butt-stock, which attach in different ways. Most Commonwealth pattern FALs are semi-automatic only.

30-round magazine although it could also use the normal 20-round magazines. Only Canada and Australia used this variant. Canadian C1s issued to naval and army personnel were also capable of fully automatic fire. UK, believing that if they adopted the Belgian FAL and the American 7. L1A1 as a standard issue rifle in 1954.

The L1A1 subsequently served as the UK’s first-line battle rifle up to the 1980s before being replaced by the 5. F88 Austeyr, with New Zealand following suit shortly after. Allied Rifle Committee along with the United Kingdom and Canada adopted the committee’s improved version of the FAL rifle, designated the L1A1 rifle by Australia and Great Britain, and C1 by Canada. Australian L1A1 differs from its British counterpart in the design of the upper receiver lightening cuts. The lightening cuts of the Australian L1A1 most closely resembles the later Canadian C1 pattern, rather than the simplified and markedly unique British L1A1 cuts. 1988, though some remained in service with Reserve and training units until late 1990. The British and Australian L1A1s, and Canadian C1A1 SLRs were semi-automatic only, unless battlefield conditions mandated that modifications be made.