Save webpages as pdf chrome

Learn how to save a webpage as PDF file using Google Chrome without having to install any extensions or using online services. Portable Save webpages as pdf chrome Format or PDF probably requires no introduction. It’s the most sought after file format when it comes to saving documents.

The beauty of PDF is that you can open this format of the file on almost any smartphone, tablet or PC by simply installing a PDF opening app. While browsing the web, you might come across a webpage that you want to save for future reference or might want to save that how-to guide so that you can quickly access the content of the webpage without having to visit the webpage again. While there are plenty of free services out there such as Pocket to help you save webpages and read them later, you might just want to save the webpage to your PC as PDF file. Likewise, there are plenty of free plugins for your web browsers and online services to convert a webpage to PDF. Following are the steps that you need to follow in order to save a webpage in Chrome browser. Run your Chrome browser and visit the webpage that you would like to save as PDF file.

Print option to launch Print dialog. Microsoft XPS Document is appearing as the default format. Local Destinations and then close the dialog. NOTE: Chrome also lets you change the print layout type, margins, and allows you print or save a specific page of the webpage.

With default settings, it doesn’t save or print backgrounds colors and images but you can print or save them as well by ticking Background colors and images option. PDF file, and then click Save button. Your email address will not be published. Here’s a simple guide on how to save a webpage as PDF document on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

Chrome has built-in feature while others have workaround. Guides, tips and hacks on Google’s smartphone OS Android, its apps and games, supported phones and tablets. All things news and updates on Redmond based rival tech company Microsoft corporation and its products. Tips, tweaks and News on Microsoft’s rival OS Windows. Ranging from installing Windows to fixing a crashed Windows PC. While surfing on web, you may need to save a webpage for future need.

Every browser comes with a save option to save any webpage. But normally this save functionality is about saving a page as HTML. But you may need to save a page as PDF file as PDF files has better portability, easier to use and transfer. Converting a web page into PDF also necessary if you want to print it later. PDF files are excellent to keep the documents in original format. There are many web tools and desktop software to convert web documents to PDF but having able to doing this within the browser is more convenient.

Fortunately, as of Google Chrome browser, you don’t need to install any extra piece of extension or plugin to save any webpage as PDF. Chrome’s built-in print feature has an option to save any web document as PDF without actually printing it. PDF document for any future purpose and printing as well. Go to the page you want to convert to PDF. Clicking on Save button should ask you where to save your PDF document. Click Save in Save as window.