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Shogi board pieces and komadai. Shogi was the earliest shoji game pdf free download variant to allow captured pieces to be returned to the board by the capturing player.

The pieces on the far side are turned to show their promoted values. The rectangles are undifferentiated by marking or color. Pairs of dots mark the players’ promotion zones. Each player has a set of 20 wedge-shaped pieces of slightly different sizes.

Except for the kings, opposing pieces are undifferentiated by marking or color. Several of these names were chosen to correspond to their rough equivalents in international chess, and not as literal translations of the Japanese names. Following is a table of the pieces with their Japanese representations and English equivalents. The abbreviations are used for game notation and often when referring to the pieces in speech in Japanese. Another popular style of shogi pieces different from the usual Japanese characters. Black has a bishop on 44, a pawn on 17, a lance on 19, and a rook, two golds, and a silver in hand. An example set of “international” pieces.