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828,000 square miles or 2. Its simple purchase agreement in florida pdf-native population was around 60,000 inhabitants, of whom half were African slaves. First Consul of the French Republic, hoping to re-establish an empire in North America, regained ownership of Louisiana.

United Kingdom, prompted Napoleon to sell Louisiana to the United States to fund his military. Throughout the second half of the 18th century, Louisiana was a pawn on the chessboard of European politics. It was controlled by the French, who had a few small settlements along the Mississippi and other main rivers. Mississippi and the British the territory to the east of the river.

Following the establishment of the United States, the Americans controlled the area east of the Mississippi and north of New Orleans. The main issue for the Americans was free transit of the Mississippi to the sea. The risk of another power taking it from a weakened Spain made a “profound reconsideration” of this policy necessary. Spain on October 27, 1795, gave American merchants “right of deposit” in New Orleans, granting them use of the port to store goods for export. Americans used this right to transport products such as flour, tobacco, pork, bacon, lard, feathers, cider, butter, and cheese. The treaty also recognized American rights to navigate the entire Mississippi, which had become vital to the growing trade of the western territories.