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Robb Royer and Cerney Ink Art. Robb Royer poses beside Maddy Royer’s artwork. Royer’s future bandmate in Bread. Robb Royer skyfall sheet music piano pdf exposed to recordings of classical music from early childhood and in Junior High school he pursued playing clarinet in the band.

He attended and graduated from Sierra High School in Tollhouse, CA. While there he briefly participated in marching band but preferred to focus on the music rather than the marching. During his senior year he participated in concert band playing alto saxophone. He met Tim Hallinan at the school. Finally, when I began playing guitar, the scales tipped and Tim saw reason to talk to me. He liked to sing and I liked to play. Tim” and then later added the talent of Michele Cochrane.

Hallinan recalled “What I remember best about Michele was, first, that she could actually sing. In this case, it was sing. Valley State’s music department, giving a senior recital in classical guitar. The group called themselves by various names, the most notable being “The Pleasure Fair” and by 1966 they managed to obtain a recording contract for a single with Hanna Barbera Records under the name “The Rainy Day People”. David Gates was hired as the arranger and conductor for the Pleasure Fair’s self-titled album. 1968 being produced by Jimmy Griffin and arranged by David Gates.

It was sung by a trio calling themselves “The Curtain Calls. Maria Yolanda Aguayo, who would later become Griffin’s wife. Initially Griffin asked Royer to help with writing horn parts for a music course that Griffin was taking. Soon Royer and Griffin were working together as staff songwriters for Viva Publishing.