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This article is about the film. He makes her keep everything in order in the kitchen and bathroom, tells her what she should wear, picks out what music she listens to, and limits her social activities. One day, Martin believes Laura sleeping with the enemy nancy price pdf been flirting with an attractive neighbor, and he physically assaults her in a jealous rage. In an effort to escape Martin, Laura fakes her own death at sea in a storm while the couple are boating.

Because Laura had deliberately led Martin to believe that she could not swim, he believed she had died once she was lost overboard. She rents a modest house and adopts the name Sara Waters. A relationship develops, but suffers a setback when Ben discovers that her real name is not Sara. After a date, Laura is unable to be physically intimate with Ben, and the next day, she confesses that she is on the run from her abusive husband.

Meanwhile, Martin receives a chance phone call from a friend of Laura’s from the YWCA and learns of Laura’s swimming lessons. His suspicions aroused, Martin heads home and finds Laura’s wedding ring in the toilet bowl where it failed to flush. From the Minneapolis nursing home, he learns that Laura’s mother is alive, and has a private investigator trace her to the nursing home in Iowa. He visits Laura’s mother and tells her he is a police officer needing information about Laura. He learns from her that Laura is seeing a college drama teacher in Cedar Falls. Martin finds Laura and Ben at a local fair, then follows her home.

Ben appears at the front door and Martin, brandishing a gun, threatens to kill Ben if she doesn’t make him leave. Laura talks to Ben and he appears to leave, but then he breaks down the door and struggles with Martin, who knocks him unconscious. As Martin points the gun at Ben, Laura distracts Martin then attacks him. Laura holds Martin at gunpoint while she calls the police. She tells the police that she just killed an intruder, hangs up the phone and shoots Martin three times. When Martin falls to the ground, she drops the pistol and collapses, sobbing. Martin, not yet dead, picks up the gun and attempts to shoot her, but the gun only clicks empty and he dies.

Ben is revived by Laura. They embrace as Martin’s dead body lies on the ground with Laura’s wedding ring inches from his hand. 19 million budget, the film was a box office success. The next week, the film remained in the same position.

1 in the rental charts. Joseph Ruben Finally Gets His Crane : Movies: A veteran director of low-budget fare makes it to majors with ‘Sleeping With the Enemy. Sleeping With The Enemy :: rogerebert. WEEKEND BOX OFFICE : ‘Sleeping,’ ‘L.

This page was last edited on 6 January 2018, at 15:08. A letto con il nemico. Così l’amore di Laura diventa un inferno vedendosi costretta a sottostare a tutto ciò che dice il marito. Dopo essere stata picchiata da Martin con l’accusa di aver flirtato con un altro uomo, Laura non regge più e capisce che la sua sola salvezza è la fuga che diventa il soggetto principale dei suoi pensieri. Laura trova il momento giusto per fuggire fingendosi annegata. Non vi è, però, nessun ritrovamento che accerti la sua morte.