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She was the only one who disagreed with dumping Ben’s body and felt the guiltiest about the accident. She is Ben Willis’ main target. She survives the events of the first film. In the second film, Ben had set up her, Karla and Tyrell, with the help of his son, Will. She again survives Ben’s attack and kills him by shooting him many times. She and Ray got married a year after the Bahamas attack.

It’s revealed in the next film that Willis came back from the grave as an undead being, and that is how he is able to come back for Julie after being shot. It is unknown if she was killed or survived. Bahamas, possibly referring to Julie, Ray, Ty, and Karla. In the novel, Julie was a fun-loving cheerleader prior to the accident. Of all the teens involved, she feels the guiltiest, and has always regretted not going back to help the victim of their hit-and-run, a child named Daniel Gregg, as opposed to the fisherman in the film.

After the accident, she breaks up with Ray, quits cheerleading and devotes herself to studying hard, in the hopes of both forgetting the horror of the accident, and being accepted to an out of state university to escape the tragedy. In the first chapter of the novel, she receives correspondence that she has been accepted to Smith University. She lives with her widowed mother, and dates a man named Bud Wilson, later revealed to be the elder half-brother of Daniel Gregg. After Bud reveals his identity, he tries to strangle her. Julie survives after Ray knocks Bud out. She was one of the teens who agreed to dump Ben’s body. At first, she disagrees of dumping the remains, but later agrees because she is afraid of losing her trip to New York.

She was proclaimed a Croaker Queen prior to the accident. She was one of Julie’s best friends and was Barry’s longtime girlfriend during High School, but the two of them break up sometime after graduating. After the event, Barry and she reconciled their relationship. Even after being threatened, she still participates in the Croaker Parade, where she sees the fisherman threatening her with his hook.

At the pageant, while a contestant is singing, she sees the fisherman attack and murder Barry. She screams and tries to get help, but no one believes her. Later she is escorted by a policeman. Then the fisherman lures the policeman into an alley and kills him. Helen then escapes and runs to where Elsa is working. Then while locking a door, the fisherman attacks Elsa and kills her by slashing her throat.

When Helen hears her scream, she goes to investigate and is attacked by the fisherman and escapes by jumping through the window into a dumpster. Then she runs and comes close within the safety of the parade but is pushed into a pile of tires. She is then killed after a brief struggle by the hook, but no one could hear her screams because of the parade. Later on Julie finds her body in a pile of ice. In the novel, Helen is a very beautiful young woman, and a television personality, who lives a life of luxury in the Four Seasons apartments.