Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 ad pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The books formed a connected space-opera milieu, describing the future history of spacecraft 2000 to 2100 ad pdf’s expansion into the galaxy, presented in the guise of official handbooks by the trade organization from which the setting takes its name. Compared to other science fiction settings, the TTA setting appears optimistic about man’s place in the universe, though elements of violence and authoritarianism do appear in the books.

It features a strong undercurrent of wonder and adventure, due in part to the inclusion of various mysterious alien relics and incidents that are left unexplained by the author. A revised series of books were planned by Morrigan Press, but only one, ‘Spacecraft 2100 To 2200 AD’, appeared. This is described as a spacefold-style faster-than-light drive, which brought space at the origin and destination into proximity, allowing a vessel at the former to transfer to the latter without crossing the intervening distance. Terrans quickly became friends and allies.

This war drove the development of space technology, resulting in many of the starship designs that inhabit the TTA universe and facilitating its further colonization. All the books are currently out of print, but can often be found through auction sites or used booksellers. Large color illustrations cover at least half the pages in each book. Most of these illustrations are reprints from book covers, which explains why they sometimes do not exactly fit with each other.

This book covers the events immediately prior to and after the Proximan War Era and descriptions are presented in that context. The book is presented in the same manner as an aircraft recognition guide, made up entirely of spacecraft descriptions which relate their role and performance in the war if applicable, and occasionally their history afterwards. Some of the ships in the book are nonmilitary in nature. There is also a section on unknown aliens. A set of very short stories mostly about exploration of dangerous planets and minor battles. Unlike Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD, the book contains stories instead of individual spaceship descriptions. This causes some problems as many illustrations were not always coherent within a single story.

As was the case in the second part of Great Space Battles, the book is a collection of many unrelated very short stories about dangerous planets and space disasters. Since the stories are short, they usually have only one illustration, which avoids the problem of coherence between illustrations. This fourth book is a return to the principle of the first book i. However, being set in a time of peace, it speaks only of commercial companies offering flights to exotic planets.

Unfortunately, just before the first book was to come out, Morrigan was informed by Cowley that the rights had reverted to him around 1990, thus rendering the Hamlyn license null and void. However, Cowley was supportive of their efforts to produce a new version, and a new agreement was negotiated. The licensing agreement included the right to update and reprint the text and diagrams of the original books as well as to reproduce the designs of the original art, but the rights to the paintings themselves were not available. The revised series therefore featured work by new artists, both in reproducing the classic art and in doing original pieces, using a mixture of computer graphics and more traditional media. The revised series was divided into two distinct product lines: art books in the vein of the classic series, and the roleplaying game and its supplements. By the time the modern series was being planned, the real world was well into the eponymous time period of the first book. 3D, and with a lack of attention to detail – including many obvious text errors.

Also, the text has been heavily revised with respect to the history section in order to replace the outdated history of the original. This is in sharp contrast to the original, which chose to steer clear of any real-life issues. As such, they are characterized as being of lower quality. They are considered non-canonical by fans of the original series, as well as Morrigan Press. Fansite including a large resource on the TTA and Galactic Encounters books, images and links to artists who contributed to the books.