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The third song written and recorded for the film, Ahrens and Flaherty conceived “Journey to the Past” as a means of expressing the different emotions Anya feels while she prepares to venture stubhub something went wrong pdf on her own for the first time. Anya travels from her Russian orphanage to St. Petersberg, the song incorporates the film’s central themes about home, love and family.

Upon release, both versions of “Journey to the Past” received generally positive reviews, although film and music critics preferred Callaway’s original rendition over Aaliyah’s. It became a moderately successful pop hit in the UK. It stayed on the chart for only 4 weeks. The song was released to U. March 31, 1998 as the soundtrack’s second single. Journey to the Past” was one of only four songs the producers were able to obtain the rights to use in the film since Aaliyah’s family refused to license the majority of the singer’s music to them.

Ahrens writing the song’s lyrics and Flaherty composing its melody. Journey to the Past” late one evening because they understood that “in Hollywood, you always have to write three songs for every scene. Ahrens and Flaherty conceived “Journey to the Past” as a way to express the excitement Anya feels as she prepares to “set out on the adventure to finding the truth about her family. At the same time, the songwriters also wanted the song to demonstrate the various emotions the character feels as she readies herself to venture out into the world on her own for the first time, such as nervousness, hope, fear and joy.