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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Toasting a sheet of nori. One of the oldest descriptions of nori is dated to around sushi menu with descriptions pdf 8th century.

The Japanese nori industry was in decline after WWII, when Japan was in need of all food that could be produced. The decline was due to a lack of understanding nori’s three-stage life cycle so that local people did not understand why traditional cultivation methods were not effective. Wales and was harvested for food, as in Japan. Her work was discovered by Japanese scientists who applied it to artificial methods of seeding and growing the nori, rescuing the industry. In the 21st century, the Japanese nori industry faces a new decline due to increased competition from seaweed producers in China and Korea and domestic sales tax hikes.

1970s with the increase of sushi bars and Japanese restaurants. Gut microbes from the North American subjects lacked these enzymes. The plants grow rapidly, requiring about 45 days from “seeding” until the first harvest. Multiple harvests can be taken from a single seeding, typically at about ten-day intervals. Harvesting is accomplished using mechanical harvesters of a variety of configurations. Processing of raw product is mostly accomplished by highly automated machines that accurately duplicate traditional manual processing steps, but with much improved efficiency and consistency.