Sustainable urban environments an ecosystem approach pdf

Given the accelerating rate of urbanization worldwide, the sustainable provision of urban ecosystem services becomes increasingly important for the growing number of city dwellers. Attempts to increase a single ecosystem service however often lead to reduction sustainable urban environments an ecosystem approach pdf losses of others. For making sound decisions about sustainable urban development, knowledge and awareness of the interactions between ecosystem services are thus necessary.

In this paper, we show how interactive rulers embedded in a 3D GIS-based procedural modeling environment can assist in making urban ecosystem services trade-offs explicit for sustainable urban planning. The interactive rulers are slider bars that offer stakeholders the possibility to explore trade-offs in ecosystem services reflected in different urban designs. The approach is illustrated in a case study in Abu Dhabi, Masdar City, a new city designed from scratch. An interactive 3D visualization approach links parametric shape grammars for the design of generative urban patterns and the reporting of urban ecosystem services.

We show how various urban design scenarios can be generated in an interactive manner allowing a balance between the esthetics of the urban designs and a set of indicators describing the provision of relevant ecosystem services. Procedural modeling facilitates linking landscape elements and ecosystem services. Interactive rulers support ecosystem services tradeoffs in collaborative planning. Virtual decision environments offer tools for negotiating ecosystem services. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering, since 2008. She studied environmental sciences at ETH. She worked as a consultant for Stratus Consulting, Washington, D. Her research focuses on integrating the goals of sustainable development, economic viability, and good governance in landscape and environmental planning. The group attacks different planning problems at a variety of spatial scales ranging from regional to global. PhD student at the Chair Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems at the ETHZ, since 2009.

Geography at the University of Z├╝rich with an emphasis on environmental sciences and economics, and worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development in 2008. His main focus is on developing a land use decision model to support decision-making, and the development of new policy instruments. Besides working with different land-use models, he participates in the development of virtual environments for interactive decision-making using 3D landscape visualizations. Beside his research activities, he assists lectures in landscape planning and environmental systems. Chair Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems at the ETHZ, since 2010. 2010 with an emphasis on environmental processes and natural hazards.