The lost fleet beyond the frontier dreadnaught pdf

2004, and that has produced the lost fleet beyond the frontier dreadnaught pdf number of interesting Federation designs. The renders were created by artist Tadeo D’Oria, who graciously offered to share them with this site. Just a quick note to mention the new layout to the overall site.

This updates page as well as the main blueprints index page now reflect the new site layout. Updates across the rest of the site, including every blueprint page, will continue over the next few weeks. We have an exciting new update today. Stalwart Class Heavy Assault Starship. Ingramm class starship, the Stalwart is a far more combat-ready class of starship.

Depending on the reception of these plans, full-scale deck plans may also be added some time in the future. Boeing Aerospace of Earth and Shi’Kahr Engineering of Vulcan. This time around they’ve created a nice set of prints for the U. The new site layout is continuing to be rolled out to all of the blueprint pages, but it is somewhat slow going given all of the changes each page requires. Meanwhile, I have posted a couple of new updates. Waxing Moon Designs, bringing the total sheets on that impressive set of schematics to 48. In March of 2015, I uploaded a new set of Miranda-Class blueprints by Jim Morvay.

They were arguably the most detailed Star Trek blueprints ever produced, and certainly the finest example of blueprints for the Miranda-class starship. However Morvay wasn’t entirely satisfied with his work and set out to recreate them from the ground, up. Jim’s earlier Miranda Refit plans. Trek blueprint supplier which focuses primarily on TOS-era ships. Back in 2013 I uploaded some incredible model builder plans for the TMP-era Enterprise, courtesy of graphic artist Jim Slade. Now, nearly three years later, Jim has produced the third version of his plans which included 17 all-new high-resolution sheets and 30 orthographic 3D views of the Enterprise.