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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Saanchi initially finds Dhruv irritating but they the man from zara pdf become friends. Dhruv realizes he loves Saanchi during her sister Prachi’s marriage. However, Prachi’s uncle-by-marriage seeks to marry Saanchi.

This engagement is avoided when Dhruv reveals the uncle’s bad intentions. Saanchi’s elder brother, Pradeep, files a lawsuit for control of the farm, which he wants to sell to an industrialist. Dhruv tries to console her but inadvertently confesses his love. Saanchi becomes upset, fearing another man is trying to take advantage of her. Dhruv tries to convince Saanchi that she loves him, but becomes frustrated at her refusals. Only when he sets to return to Mumbai does Saanchi stop him and confess her love. They share romantic moments before her family break them apart, and try to marry Saanchi to a 50-year-old man.

Dhruv becomes enraged with how Saanchi is treated and gets into a fight over her honour, moving her to stand with him. The next threat to their future comes from Dhruv’s family, as his mother schemes to marry him to his childhood friend, Ankita. Saanchi becomes jealous, though Dhruv insists he loves only her. When Ankita learns of their relationship, she tells Saanchi that Dhruv had several ex-girlfriends, and Saanchi fears that Dhruv might leave her. Dhruv is upset she would think this, but Saanchi makes up with him. Dhruv is called to meet with the industrialist, who turns out to be his older brother. It turns out that Dhruv is a silent partner in the company buying the farm.