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Most documented incidents have occurred in the United States, though they have also occurred in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. 87 violence considered the incidents “limited political” or “sub-revolutionary” terrorism. Anti-abortion violence is specifically directed the things they carried single short story pdf people who or places which provide abortion. Extreme forms are recognized as terrorism.

Nice, of the University of Georgia, describes support for anti-abortion violence as a political weapon against women’s rights, one that is associated with tolerance for violence toward women. At least eleven murders occurred in the United States since 1990, as well as 41 bombings and 173 arsons at clinics since 1977. At least one murder occurred in Australia, as well several attempted murders in Canada. The National Abortion Federation reported between 1,356 and 13,415 incidents of picketing at United States providers each year from 1995 to 2014. 1994 to protect reproductive health service facilities and their staff and patients from violent threats, assault, vandalism, and blockade. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Seven murders occurred in the 1990s. Gunn’s murder and was sentenced to life in prison. The clinic in Pensacola had been bombed before in 1984 and was also bombed subsequently in 2012. He died in prison and guards found his body under his bed with a plastic garbage bag tied around his head. Kopp was convicted of Slepian’s murder after being apprehended in France in 2001.