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Flyers T-shirt in several episodes he also proceeded to watch a Flyers game at a funeral. In his apartment Booth has a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey of Mario Lemieux, which implies he is a fan of the The work of memory time identity and justice booth pdf. Booth’s age is never specified.

Women in Limbo of season 1, it is stated that Brennan is born in 1976, which should put Booth’s birthday in 1971. Philadelphia where he worked as a barber and eventually started a family. Booth does not like to talk about the fact. For the first three seasons, details on Booth’s family background were generally sketchy as he rarely mentioned his family members. He is still uncomfortable discussing his childhood and becomes especially defensive when asked about it.

Prior to Jared’s appearance in the episode “The Con Man in the Meth Lab”, Booth’s long-time friend Dr. Sweets observed the brothers and independently came to the conclusion himself that they were products of a physically abusive household. However, it is not until Season 5 when Booth’s grandfather Hank is introduced that his abusive background is fully revealed. In Season 8 Booth bluntly tells Brennan that he “grew up in a household of violence and hatred”, one of the few times the character has ever openly spoken of his past. When his younger brother Jared is first introduced, it becomes apparent that Booth was estranged from his family.

Booth is able to almost instantly recognize suspects with a drinking problem even when they are sober. Booth used to protect Jared from their father when he became violent, and was extremely protective of him. The extent of their father’s abuse was never fully revealed but based on Booth’s vague admissions throughout the show and Hank and Marianne’s own statements, it was likely that he was also emotionally neglectful of his ex-wife and sons. One of Booth’s deepest fears and insecurities is that he would become like his father, which continues to trouble him to this day.

It is implied that their mother was also subjected to abuse by their father as she once mentioned to Brennan that she was thrown down a flight of stairs by her ex-husband. Eventually she left the family out of desperation. In the Season 8 episode “The Party in the Pants”, she contacts Booth for the first time in over two decades to invite him to her wedding. Hank had stumbled upon his son abusing Seeley and drove him out of the house. He calls Booth “Shrimp” as Seeley was a young child then.