Those magnificent flying machines sheet pdf

He also made the first non-stop crossing of the Australian mainland, the first flights between Australia and New Zealand, and the first eastward Pacific crossing from Australia to the United States. He also made a flight from Australia to London, those magnificent flying machines sheet pdf a new record of 10. His birth was officially registered and announced in the newspapers under the surname Smith, which his family used at that time. In 1903, his parents moved to Canada where they adopted the surname Kingsford Smith.

They returned to Sydney in 1907. As his recovery was predicted to be lengthy, Kingsford Smith was permitted to take leave in Australia where he visited his parents. United States before returning to Australia in 1921. He did the same in Australia and also flew airmail services, and began to plan his record-breaking flight across the Pacific. Kingsford Smith owned an old Avro plane and in 1922 flew to Cowra to see his old comrade.