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This article is about comics character. Earth by an unknown alien race thus have i heard pdf the 13th Century.

Their appearance is somewhat similar to Thanagarians. Dawnstar’s parents are Mistrider and Moonwalker, and her younger brothers are Greybird and Greatfire. During her late childhood and early teens, her parents built a thriving business on their daughter’s ability to guide spaceships through hazardous areas of space. She also worked as a guide to hunters of animals.

She was first introduced to the Legionnaires at age 16 as a recent graduate of the Academy. Her tracking and navigation talents earned her full membership on her first mission. Her Legion stipend went to pay for enhancing her home world’s defenses. She served in many missions with the Legionnaires, contributing her often underrated talents at tracking and high-speed travel to perform many rescues of her colleagues, as well as investigations of personal disappearances and similar mysteries.

She also brought these talents into many Legion adventures in other times, especially the 20th Century. They each respected the other’s defiant, outspoken personality, although they each counseled each other on working with their talents as part of a team instead of acting as individuals. Wildfire had been turned into an anti-energy being in a containment suit, and thus had no physical body, so the two where unable to have physical relationship. Dawnstar was shown in a relationship with a woman indicating she is at least bi-sexual. Dawnstar was later freed from the entity’s control. The solicitation for this issue hinted that the Legion would become the “greatest heroes of the Multiverse. Dawnstar appeared only briefly with other Legionnaires from previous iterations of the team, as a character in a “campfire story” showing the Legion’s influence and the legends and myths that had sprung up around it.