Travel agency and tour operations pdf

Study the pricing games based on cooperation between the TO and OTA to achieve O2O model. Travel agency and tour operations pdf the optimal pricing policy for the TO and OTA to maximize the revenue.

Compare the optimal pricings and revenues in the Stackelberg and Bertrand game. Give suggestions to TOs and OTAs on how to cooperate. O2O model through online sale and offline service cooperation. By constructing a competition model, cooperation conditions, pricing strategies and revenues are analyzed and compared in the Stackelberg and Bertrand game. Results indicate that service level, unit sale commission, service cost coefficient and unit service compensation coefficient have different influences on the TO’s and OTA’s pricing decisions.

When the unit sale commission is greater than the threshold, the TO’s and OTA’s pricing in the Bertrand game are higher than in the Stackelberg game. Being a leader is the dominant strategy for the TO. In addition, the revenues of TO and OTA in sale and service cooperation are analyzed by numerical examples and some suggestions for establishing cooperation contract are provided. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Yong Long received his PhD degree from Chongqing University of China and now is a professor of school of economics and business administration, Chongqing University of China. Pingping Shi received the B.

Huazhong Agriculture University and Chongqing University, China, in 2009 and 2013 respectively. Currently, she is working toward the Ph. Her research interests include tourism cooperation, tourism supply chain and tourism business model innovation. The company operated in 180 countries and claimed 30 million customers. In June 2014 TUI AG and TUI Travel announced the two companies would be merged. In March 2007, the merger of the travel division of TUI AG with First Choice was announced.

The European Commission approved the merger on 4 June 2007, on the condition that the merged company sell Budget Travel in Ireland. The merged company, TUI Travel PLC, began operations in September 2007. The company confirmed in January 2013 that it had received a proposal from its parent to merge. In May 2013, the chief executive of TUI AG ruled out a merger with TUI Travel. In an about-face in June 2014 the two companies announced they had agreed terms on a merger. The merger was completed and TUI Travel was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange on 17 December 2014.

In 2005 the names and liveries of the group airlines were changed to reflect the name of the group. Both airlines had their aircraft repainted in the light blue TUI colours with a red TUI logo on the tail. However, Corsairfly has been renamed Corsair International and has a new livery. This is the only airline in the TUI alliance that does not wear the TUI livery. Thomson Airways is the largest TUI-owned airline and the largest charter airline in the world. It operates a fleet of 64 aircraft and flies from 26 British airports to 109 destinations worldwide. It was formerly named Arkefly.

TUI fly Nordic flies from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. They fly holidaymakers travelling with the tour operators Fritidsresor, Finnmatkat and Star Tour. It was the only North American and Mexican airline part of the TUI Group. Flag of the United Kingdom. Jet4you operated services between Moroccan cities and destinations in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. Operations have now been merged with Jetairfly. Britannia Nordic flew from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.