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This article is about the novel. The novel derives its title from the protagonist, a twenty-year-old short-order twilight novel series pdf free download named Odd Thomas.

In the postscript to the graphic novel, Koontz states that “God willing, there will be six Odd Thomas novels. With this opening, we are introduced to Odd’s world. Koontz soon discloses how Odd was named and begins, layer by layer, to show how Odd’s dysfunctional upbringing has shaped his life, and as those details are uncovered, his supernatural abilities begin to make more sense. Odd is convinced that this man is connected to some terrible catastrophe that is about to occur. Llewellyn calls “psychic magnetism,” to track him down.

Odd’s sixth sense leads him to Fungus Man’s home, and Odd begins to uncover more details about the man and a mysterious other-worldly link to the dark forces about to be unleashed on the town of Pico Mundo. Accompanied sometimes by the ghost of Elvis Presley and encountering other memorable spirits, including a murdered prostitute, Odd is soon deeply involved in an attempt to prevent the disastrous bloodshed he knows will happen the next day. But then, by God, I do something about it. Odd could see the dead and also see shadowy figures that normally lurk around people that will cause deaths or will die. They are called bodachs and feed on the pain of others. Odd is a 20 year old short-order cook at a breakfast joint in Pico Mundo.

Little Ozzie is his best friend. Odd leads a simple life because he has to, since he finds the job of speaking to the lingering dead complicated enough. He never told his father or mother because he thought that his father would use his son’s powers to make himself rich. He once met a boy who also saw bodachs but when the bodachs realized this, they seemed to cause a fatal accident, killing the little boy instantly, so Odd keeps this ability a secret.