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Jane learns about after going to work for Mr. English gentleman—he is never named by the author. He renames her to a prosaic Bertha, declares her wide sargasso sea part 2 pdf, and requires her to relocate to England.

It is also concerned with power relations between men and women. British Empire on 1 August 1834. As their marriage progresses, Antoinette, whom he renames “Bertha” and confines to a locked room, descends into madness, in part from despair at being torn from her island home in the Caribbean and subjected to an alien culture and climate. Coulibri, Jamaica, and is narrated by Antoinette as a child.

Since the abolition of slavery caused her family to become very poor, Antoinette’s mother, Annette, must remarry to wealthy Englishman Mr. Angry at the returning prosperity of their oppressors, freed slaves living in Coulibri burn down Annette’s house, killing Antoinette’s mentally disabled younger brother. As Annette had been struggling with her mental health up until this point, the grief of losing her son weakens her sanity. Mason sends her to live with a couple who torment her until she dies and Antoinette does not see her again. Antoinette’s old nurse Christophine openly distrusts the Englishman. Rochester becomes visibly unfaithful to her and emotionally abuses her. He begins to call her Bertha rather than her real name and flaunts his affairs in front of her to cause her pain.

Antoinette’s increased sense of paranoia and the bitter disappointment of her failing marriage unbalance her already precarious mental and emotional state. She flees to Christophine’s house, her former servant and the woman who raised her. Antoinette pleads with Christophine for an obeah potion to attempt to reignite her husband’s love, which Christophine reluctantly gives her. Antoinette returns home and poisons Mr. He does not accept Christophine’s suggestions of help for his wife and decides to take her back to England.

Antoinette, renamed by her husband as Bertha. Rochester mansion she calls the “Great House. The story traces her relationship with Grace, the servant who is tasked with guarding her, as well as her disintegrating life with the Englishman, as he hides her from the world. He makes empty promises to come to her more but sees less of her. It is clear that Antoinette is not of sound mind and has little understanding of how much time she has been confined to her attic internment. She fixates on options of freedom including her stepbrother Richard Mason who, however, will not interfere with her husband, so she attacks him with a stolen knife. Antoinette dreams of flames engulfing the house and her freedom from the life she has there, and believes it is her destiny to fulfill the vision.